What do I think love is?

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You’re not that innocent

Blame Kim And Kanye

The other day I was alone, as usual, and I was watching a news program and (of course) I go from hearing the latest on the world news to the latest on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding.

I guess my TV assumed I wanted to know all about it (since I’ve been obsessed with the Kardashian family since 2007 lol)

But in recent years my love for them has faded, especially for one Kim Kardashian.

So as I’m watching this special on the special couple, I had a major thought that has been burning on my brain ever since. Why do people get married? What’s the purpose? But an even bigger question I had to ask was, "How come in a world where there is basically no tradition, are weddings so popular?" Its such a traditional thing, the ceremony, the celebration. It came to me that people now get married just for the “Celebration.” Its all about a big, lavish party. Every little girl dreams of it in hopes that one day she will wear the white gown, get the ale to walk down, the tens of bridesmaids(and maid of honor) and the dream boat guy. Pretty 1980’s romantic comedy, if you ask me.

So as I’m questioning on this for a few days, I’m smoking on something pretty amazing (that’s where I get my best thinking;) and it hits me. An even bigger question. “What if weddings aren’t what they are suppose to be today?” I mean do you think when Mary married Joseph, there was the whole shubam we have going on today? No. You wanna know why? Because nothing in the modern day wedding is Tradition.

I had to research this matter, of course, and ( I love when this happens) I proved myself right. The “traditional” wedding is not traditional at all. The ceremony we have today only started developing in the late 1800’s. Weddings first began as a very simple ceremony given at either the bride or groom’s parents home. They didn’t even have to be in a church for it to be a traditional wedding. The only reason people moved the party to a church was the wealthy people needed more room for more people to come and see it. So there was no dress, no bridesmaids, no ale, (probably no dream boat man) nothing. The only traditional part of a wedding these days is the vows part.(even that part has been axed out because people do their own vows these days) vowing under god to be with someone forever. Wasn’t even for love back then, just to make babies and joining two families.Two people didn’t even have a choice of who they married in most cases. It was all about the parents and who they wanted in their family based on what the other family could offer them.

There was absolutely no reception. Nothing to celebrate when your fate is now just to be a bread winner and baby maker. This was later created, also by wealthy people of 1800’s, just to have a bit of a showing off portion of the evening I’d assume.

The dress came into play in the early 1800’s. And get this, it didn’t have to be white. most women at this time only had one nice dress in her life time and it was used all her life mostly for weddings for funerals. So there’s no tradition in wearing white. it has absolutely nothing to do with your virginity ladies (congrats) the only reason woman started to wear white dresses on their wedding was because in 1840 a queen named Victoria married a Prince named Albert and Victoria was very poplar (like Princess Dianna and most royals are) on her wedding day she chose white for her wedding dress color and since people have been building empires on it. The vale wasn’t even a thing until about the same time.

So you see folks and my friendly friends. the rich people of the world over time have set a standard. All of this (mentioned above) was all created by the rich people over time to make their little piece of happiness everyone’s news. All these things were done to outdo the same thing everyone else did but better. Taking something that was actually of no real importance and making it a lavish affair. Kinda like 1 year old’s birthday parties.

So as the world watches on for Kim and Kayne’s wedding, please just remember, that what you are about is see is a show. meant for you to grace on in aw and make you envious. Good luck to you all as you do.

Just as a side note, I’d like to add that I don’t dislike marriage. its a very beautiful thing and everyone should find someone  they love and love them and vow to be together forever. I just feel that if there was no celebration for a wedding, as is today, then divorce would be much lower (think about it) and maybe I could I enjoy a nice news forecast with out hearing about who is getting married all the time.

Beware of the people who appear to be your friend. People wear masks.

Beware of the people who appear to be your friend. People wear masks.

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Tonight hunties! #americanhorrorstory #coven #fav #gay #love #supreme


Tonight hunties! #americanhorrorstory #coven #fav #gay #love #supreme

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My absolute favorite Disney movie of all time.

With my favorite romantic song “Once Upon A Dream”


if you dont reblog i am seriously judging your taste right now


if you dont reblog i am seriously judging your taste right now

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britneyspears cant wait for the new album!

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